Angela Kornacki started this crazy awesome company over 16 years ago when she decided it was time to take all of her talents and expertise and venture out on her own.

Since starting Hello Goat Designs, she has worked with dozens of happy clients. She uses a design led, user-focused, collaborative approach with everything she does which yields the best results for her clients end customers.

Angela is high-touch and energetic which means the process usually involves laughter and leads to valuable outcomes. While not all projects are fun, Angela makes sure the interactions are.

Mike Kornacki has been along for the ride with Angela since the beginning, helping out on the user experience design (UxD) side of things.

Mike is a 20 year veteran of design and technology who is a Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) since 2003 and has recieved his Master's Degree in UxD in 2017.

UxD is more than just a job for Mike; it's also a passion. Mike has spoken at both local and national UX conferences such as Madison + UX, UX Camp - Chicago, Marquette University's Digital Insight Summit, etc. He has taught practical UX classes to working adults and he started a UX meet-up group in Milwaukee called mkeUX, which, in it's hay-day, had over 450 members.